offer on anything in my collection! More yoyos added!

[b]For Sale only!  I will not respond to any trade offers at this time!
please PM all offers…

Feel free to offer on anything in my collection---->

here is a link to my best yoyos, offer up –

I will only ship over seas if you have more than 20 feedback, and with insurance and delivery conformation which costs about $30.00[/b]

I have 190 positive feedback on yyn (same name)

What’s in your collection?

I’ll take your Mighty Flea off your hands

Follow the flicker link…

Pm me and maybe we can work something out…

how about the han solo


That’s me as my favorite starwars character…

I don’t see no pics?

I can’t see any link???


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No I’m doing it on I phone so it sometimes don’t get stuff like that but I might wanna buy just can’t see no pics???

There’s no link
Or anything.

Anyone who complains about the links (for pics not forum member) needs to find a “real” computer. The mobile apps do not have stevend’s links. Have a nice day.

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you can view those links on a phone. I really don’t understand why so many people use the app. Just go to any web browser, and you can view the full version of this site. Not the dumbed down version the app offers.

The app was terrible. I deleted it within 10 minutes of using it.

whats your cheapest one


How much for the c22?

i will pm you…