Six Items up for Sale, Maybe Trade!

Hello, friend! I have for you a lovely group of yoyos that can make their way into your collection! Please, come have a look.

Group Photo:

First, we will look at a Duncan Vendetta, pre-release. It is mint aside from some miniscule scratches that are roughly the size of a germ (very small, for you non-scientists.) Great player, very smooth and fun! I’m looking for 70 Shipped.

Next, we have a SPYY Addict, green beadblasted! Oooh! Number 352 for those of you who are counting. It’s got some more scratches and other assorted things about it, so I’m looking at 65 Shipped

Our Delrin item is the Italian wonder, the Roo-Yo HF. It is a brilliant player, very very smooth. It is almost mint (is dinging delrin possible?), and very underrated. I’m looking for 65 Shipped

THIS ITEM IS FOR TRADE ONLY, AS PART OF THE HIGHLIGHT PROJECT! An Aoda metal thing. One hubstack works, the other is missing that plastic thingy. It’s full sized, probably a bootleg L2. Got some serious nicks, but very smooth. Trade only!

Back to sales. Next is a Turning Point Turning Point by Kentaro (YAY 3A!) A bit of vibe, and a few medium sized scratches, I don’t really know what to call them. Whatever! Looking for GONZO!

Lastly, a Good and Evil 4, Black, #109. It has one… thing on a rim (also I don’t know a name for it) but it is hardly noticeable, seeing as it is a black thingy. A very god and smooth player, looking for 90 shipped.

Now, what do I want? An excellent question! I’d be glad to inform you.

A Case! A Case! My Kingdom For A Case!
Anything, really, but I really want those.

One Drop
New YYF’s (Except Pocket Change)

So, yeah. Lemme know.

OMG that black lilly is GORGEOUS! Wish i had the money to buy it right now… :frowning:

Sooo tempting, but im trying to save moneys. :’(


How come you don’t want them?

Happy Throwing! =]

I just don’t play them.

Oh cool that was Ian’s AODA! I still can’t believe he traded that yoyo. I kept trying to persuade him not to give it away. I wanted that yoyo so much.

And by the way hows my PGM?

It is quite excellent! I ditched the stacks, and its a beast! You want the AODA, yes? =)

Yeah kinda. BTW I am loving the Cyclotron. But I do want that AODA however…

And you ditched the stacks?! On a PGM? Aww man. But it’s good to know that its still working great.

Well, funny story about it, actually… watch this:

Whoa the hubstack just came off like that? Wow. I feel bad for whoever was gonna get that yoyo because that yoyo is just amazing in my opinion. Oh well. Man I really miss that thing. My most favored yoyo I had. :’(
PM me if you are interested in your cyclotron back. Not saying I wanna get rid of it, but still.

I can make a yoyo case for you! Do you want big or small?

Happy Throwing! =]