Odd requirements for a fast yoyo.

I tried a Rapid by KYS.
I want something pretty fast.
the specs I’m looking at:
55.9 dia
42.5 width
4.75 gap
65 grams

Draupnir’s really fast and roughly fits those specs… a little bigger than what you listed.

That’s pretty specific. The stats aren’t bang-on and it’s not a bi-metal, but the first thing that came to mind was the C3 Krown.

That gap, though. 4.75 is a hecka-wide gap. Not many yoyos go that wide because people like their bind attempts to work. :wink:

Isotope2β from turning point

Rapid light, rainfly, and more

Thank you guys for the answers.
Does the Rainfly play very fast?
I have heard of the Rapid but I haven’t found any specs on it yet.
The specs I did list are pretty specific, they don’t have to be bang on, but within reasonable parameters.

Rapid light is super fast, but solid
Rainfly is solid, and can go really fast like a draupnir