OD54, 28s Wooly Marmot, ENEME, 2010 Mighty Flea

Some throws for sale. PayPal only. These were the best pics I could take with my cell phone, sorry. I’ll ship USPS flat rate box thingies, and shipping will be on me 'cause I’m a nice guy. Much like Jayyo, if you offer me a trade I will block you from ever dealing with me ever. If you have less feedback than me ( I don’t have much :frowning: ) I’ll expect you to pay first.

First up, Green Mist One Drop 54 w/ box. I believe it is a YYE exclusive and 1/20. One tiny pinprick is pictured, and there is another one on the other side. Great throw, absolutely fantastic.

Next, 28s Wooly Marmot. One pinprick as pictured. Comes with KK bearing. Another great throw, but the KK could use a cleaning.

Third, a super beat up YYJ ENEME w/ box. I love this throw, it was my first metal. Dinged it really hard on the first day, got really sad, and then decided it would be my “beater”. I try to take care of all my throws, so I wouldn’t really like to call this a beater. A little extra vibe from the dings and scratches. 40$.



Last, but certainly not least, a 2010 YYF Mighty Flea. Fun novelty throw, only thrown a handful of times. 100% mint, but I lost the pouch. 55$.