Up for grabs is a Extremely smooth Nickle Plated OD Dang, It’s the smoothest throw of my collection!
Great condition, only a few marks, that don’t break the nickel plating, and the blend in with the nickle so well, It’s very hard to see. I tried to capture the biggest damage in the second picture, but it didn’t really show up. If you are really that interested in trying to find it, you can blow up the picture in photoshop.
This throw is pending, but not enirely sure whats goin on, so offer if ya want, and we’ll just have to see.

Might sell, so if you want to buy, PayPal ONLY, and just make me an offer.

Drop Bear
Maybe some of the other OD stuff, but no burnsides, Projects, Y-factos, dingos, or Caferacers.
CLYW stuff- could add deal sweetener.
C3 stuff
Offers- seriously guys, I’m not that picky, offer anything at all, It won’t take to much to get off of me, all offers will be considered.

bump, Pending, but not sure what’s going on, you can offer, but, we’ll see.