FT/S: OD Nickel Dang & YoyoJoker Double Joker: Wants inside

Hey Guys! Today I am going to put up two of my throws for sale or trade. Both are smooth as they were stock and are great throws.

US only and if buying Paypal Only

Here’s pics of both:

DJ: Ano fade in IRG’s and two dings that are sanded. This is a great yoyo and deserves to be played more. One of the best midsized throws on the market. 7075 goodness. $75 shipped

Dang: A few tiny pricks and a very small sanded ding. All damage is very minor and cant be seen very easy. This is an amazing yoyo and deserves to get played more. $75 shipped

Buy both for $125 shipped

Wants: Don’t care much about condition as long as they are smooth. Would prefer to trade both for a single throw. Hate the color red and black on yoyos or any dark colorway.

YYR Sleipnir (Main Want)
G2 Triton
G2 Albatross
Something Crazy-D (will trade or buy well for one and have other things)
Werrd Tre
C3 Berserker
Oxy Io
YYJ Quest
DS Wrath (especially 1 of 5 speckle: Will trade or buy very well for one)
Duncan Strix
YYJ Trigger

I can offer a silver Duncan Strix. Looks like Nickle plated. One small scratch near the bearing. Cant see it tho even when holding in hand.