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Ok guys, I just thought that I would get organized and get my BST together.

I now have a budget of $80 for any yoyo, offer anything!

things to point out!
-I don’t care about lowballs, if you are interested in any throw, just offer up!
-I do not care about the condition (to a certain extent) I will still want a yoyo just as badly if it has a few dings
-colorways don’t matter to me very much, but it still may affect my decision if it’s a yoyo that I don’t want very much
-I am aware that my wants are a bit far fetched, but I am very willing to give more than one yoyo, and money as well!
-I am not interested in YYJ or most YYF, unless it is a very good deal

So first of all, I’d like to mention that I’m really only looking to sell my delicious and my dingo, and those do in fact have negotiable prices. the rest are for trades only.

Here is what I have:


-Near mint Nickel plated Code 2 nautilus, with box. Only damage is 2 small dings that are hard to see because of the necked plating. Also comes with your choice of side effectsGONE

-Red with blue splash recrev mangaroo. Plays great, definitely a very underrated throw. The thing about this one is that it only has a few dings but they are pretty deep.

Pics somehow disappeared, Imma try to find them again (don’t delete this BST because of it)

-Holiday edition gnarwhal, this one is pretty scuffed up, but is one of my favorite playing throws, so I still would like to get something decent for it.GONE

-Green crucial delicious. only one ding, but it is bad. It is also signed by Eric Kolosky, so I’m adding a bit of value for that. this one is for sale, asking for $70

-Dingo. No serious dings, but very scuffed up. half green, half red. $35 GONE

Now my wants list:
-glacier express
-H5 x chief
-any X3 (especially la goute)

Offer up, don’t be shy. I don’t care if it isn’t on my wants list

First bump, got an AC!

bump, looking for a chief, H5 x chief or GE still!

bump because you did really good in that battle you did with Logi!

bump, thanks johnny :slight_smile:

Lol… I did so bad ;D

bump, I woulda voted for you logo :slight_smile:

Why? Your SOOOOOO much better :smiley: