WTB - Nickel or Polished metal Throw

Let me start off and get the basics out of the way.  I’m a new guy, obviously.  So heres a link to my ebay feedback:

I’ve become completely enamored with nickel and polished throws.  In particular, I really wanted to pick up a Nickel Cafe Racer on ebay yesterday, but the seller would only take paypal so I had to pass.  Which leads me to my next statement.

I can pay via money order or cashiers check…  I wont get into the details, but my paypal account is not useable due to a recent chargeback from a buyer that was less than honest… it will be another month or so until I have that sorted out, so my paypal-ability is negative for the time being.

What I will do:  I will send you a cashiers check or money order for our agreed upon price via USPS Priority mail.  I will wait until the check clears and you are covered financially… then you can ship the throw to me.  I only ask to be kept in the loop as to when the funds clear and when you can ship.

So - What am I looking for?

I’m a noob - but heres what I think I would groove on…

One Drop - Cafe Racer in nickel
Spin dynamics - Flow

But feel free to make offers of what you have - please nickel or polished (or semi-polished) throws only.  I will likley modify the bearing with heavy lube due to my noobness… :slight_smile:

Let me know what you have and what you are looking for price - wise.

BTW - I’d dearly LOVE a Ti throw - but not sure I can swing the cost… I’m looking at around $100 or so to spend…  But send me what you have and I’ll see what I can stretch…

Also - condition - I can deal with some wear and a few marks… just nothing that affects play.


Thanks for the PM’s guys - I’ll reply shortly.

By the way - please send pics with your offers… :slight_smile:

I just PM’ed ya some pics bro

Thanks - Got 'em and replied…

I didn’t get the reply.

Noonar - I PM’d you again…

Thanks to everyone who contacted me - I think I have a deal pending, so I’m all set.

You guys rock…

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