QUITTING! FS/FT MINT CLYW Space Blizard Puffin/ Wooly Marmot.Reduced price!

What’s up dudes? I’m selling two beautiful throws today as I need the cash unfortunately and I’m getting out of the hobby.

MINT CLYW Space Blizzard Puffin. New, these bad boys go for $155 and I’m selling it for $115 OBO barely thrown. I believe it has a crucial concave as well. With box, this is about the cheapest you’ll find! MUST go.

Purple/black acid wash Wooly Marmot. Beautiful throw so sad I have to part with it. $70 obo. GONE

If you buy both of them I’ll give them to you for $180 flat. You’re saving $25 on beautiful throws. Thank guys, appreciate it.

Puffin: http://puu.sh/7Bvbt.jpg
Puffin: http://puu.sh/7Bvch.jpg
Puffin Picture: http://puu.sh/7Accd.jpg
Marmot Picture: http://puu.sh/7Aceh.jpg
Damage: http://puu.sh/7AcVy.jpg

Sorry ill dm