OD TopDeck vs OD Cascade vs OD MarkMont Classic

I have a TopDeck, and it’s currently my number 1 throw, with the MMC coming in a very close second. I haven’t had my hands on a Cascade yet, so I’m wondering how it contrasts and compares to the TD & MMC. Would it be worth it to pursue, or just redundant?

I think you’ll find if you purchase one that the Cascade is never redundant. :slight_smile:

MMC is my favorite throw personally.

MMC plays better than Cascade but Cascade is more fun imo(not saying the MMC isn’t fun though, it is)

Haven’t tried a topdeck but I’d assume it’s better than both

Have not tried the others, but I absolutely love the cascade. It’s a unique yoyo; never tried another that’s similar to it.