OD Topdeck vs G2 Marvrel?


I’m relatively new to yo-yos and wanted a One Drop Topdeck. Reviews i have seen Indicate it would be a good high-quality one to learn on. Then I came across a G squared Marvel and I really like the colorway, so I decided to go for it. Specs seem similar. I was wondering if anyone could give me their thoughts between these two should I still look for a Topdeck as well?

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A Marvel on G2 website is what brought me back to the hobby after 40 years since I stopped playing as a teenager. A good quality American machined aluminum with a great shape and colors. But yoyos can be a lot of shapes and colors and if you’re like every one else out here, then in time you will try a bunch of them. As long as you can play with it, learn and do tricks on it, then throw different ones every day if you want to. Some of the machined plastic yoyos are great too. I like straight V shaped to a curved V shape. Some like heavy rim shapes like H and W shapes. To each there own. Both G2 and One Drop are American made. G2 is small company and the yoyos are harder to come by. I use yoyo specs for the size I’m looking for but 10 yoyos having the exact same size, wil play 10 different ways. Even from the same manufacturer. Hope this all helps


Thanks for the input! I would love to have somewhere to try different stuff, but I’m not aware of anything in my area, central NY. So just trying to read up and buy a few. I’ve gathered a decent collection over the last couple of weeks. I think I need to stop buying and just play, but I keep wondering if I buy the Topdeck I’ll have an easier time learning.


Looking at what I have so far;
Vonsun vanquish
Ministar 2
First Base
…I guess I need to play more and see what fits me most before I acquire more just yet.

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Can you bind


Not well, I’ve been working the the beginner tricks and basic unresponsive videos here on yyexpert.


I’ve basically gone a bit crazy into yo yo’s for the first time over the last few weeks. Reading, watching videos and buying yoyos. For me it is a more affordable hobby that I can collect and do. I hurt my back and up till now I’ve spent the summer lying on the floor, only being able to stand for short periods. Doc says that it will be a couple months before I’m back to myself. So I’ve spent to much time on the internet this summer, but I’m getting up to play allot more the last couple of days.

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i just started 3 months ago. i couldn’t bind all day long, then that night something clicked and i got it the next morning and have been learning tricks ever since. i am now practicing getting cold fusion down along with a dozen others that i practice everyday. i have about a dozen yoyos now and there are more i want. enjoy

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where i live i think i am the only yoyoer here. i have had an ad on CL for a few months now and nothing, not one call. i would like to know if i am on the right track with my tricks. i know it doesn’t matter as long as i am having fun ( which i most certainly am) but some feedback on technique, or even just a " hey, if you do it like this it will work better for you" would be great, i think!!!


That’s cool, I’m in the same boat. I can do one bind most of the time now and land the trapeze every so often.


Seems like these days there should reach out to maybe of the more experienced here and do something like FaceTime. Maybe even Facebook live. I know what you mean though, I’m hoping if I can learn a few tricks I can get a few others in my area to start at least.


I bit the bullet on a used Topdeck by the way;)

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