OD side effects

Whats the diameter for those posts? The side that goes in the yoyo?

Well they’re like a cone and also have a spot for an oring… Are you tryin to draw it up on CAD software with a yoyo or whatever?

Yeah its just a after school project.

Just ask One Drop for the specs or a CAD. As far as I know, they’ve open-sourced the design.

This. And probably cuz they get part of the profit to use the design right?

Since this is just a concept project (drawing!) there isn’t any profit to be had anyhow.

My understanding is that the financial benefit for OD is that you need to buy side effects from them. You can make a yoyo that is SE-compatible and never need to pay a licensing fee for it. But if you want to equip it with side effects, there’s only one source, and that’s OD! They have the equipment, experience, and know-how… but I believe they also own the intellectual property related to the manufacture of SE’s. I don’t think other shops are allowed to make them.

If my understanding is correct, if you were willing to try to sell a yoyo that ships without the SE’s, you could try… and let the customer supply their own. But who would do that? Not only is the yoyo useless without them (good luck getting your marketing materials to make it absolutely clear to every client that they will need to buy SEs! Somebody out there will cry and gnash their teeth when they open the box and the yoyo can’t be used!) but making an SE-equipped yoyo allows you to customize the design by creating your own SE if you like, or at least choosing from the ones already available if customizing isn’t your thing.

Very good points.

Yes, we offer a licensing agreement on Side Effects. We do require that you purchase the Side Effects from us but we do that at wholesale price - you would never be able to get them made for less anyway.

I think it’s really cool that you guys do that.