OD Cascade or YYJ Transcend?

Hi everyone

I have been lurking here for quite some time, and I have really enjoyed all of the great yo-yo discussion and suggestions that everyone contributes.

I am considering my next yo-yo purchase and thoughts perhaps some of you might have some thoughts on this. I am a more casual player and I have really gravitated towards the more organic side of yo-yos in terms of design. Currently my favourite throw is my OD Downbeat (I also have other types of yo-yos such as the OD Gradient) and so I have been looking at getting other such yo-yos.

Actually my next purchase will probably be the OD 54 because I love the look of its narrower profile and I have heard great things about it. But I have also been looking at both the Cascade and the Transcend, both of which appear to be great throws.

The Cascade and Transcend seem to have similar specs and shapes (albeit the Cascade is a bit wider and with a smaller diameter), and I like the look of both of them.

Has anyone out there had the chance to try both? Any thoughts on either or both of them? I actually don’t have a YYJ yo-yo and was leaning that way just for that reason, but I wanted to ask in case anyone had any particular insight.

Thanks in advance!

I agree, both look like great throws; I have neither. What’s cool about both is that they have walls in the gap. Most yo-yos these days have zero wall.

I personally would opt for the Transcend. The grooves are cool and I think the shape looks perfect. The finish on the Cascade is probably a little nicer, but the Transcend has grooves…

No objective insight here. I just like the look of the Transcend. :slight_smile:

I’d probably pass on the 54. I hate to say it but in my opinion it doesn’t quite play as well as it did stacking up against the rest of the market a few years ago.

Out of the Cascade or the Transcend, I’d probably give the Transcend a shot. It’s newer and some people really appear to be enjoying it.

Another option would be one I haven’t played, but still has a really good reputation to this day, the G-Squared Triton. You might be able to pick one up on a B/S/T for a deal. The last one I’d mention is another organic, this time from Yoyofficer, that doesn’t break the bank, the Crayon. The things you enjoy about the Downbeat you might really enjoy about the Crayon. It’s heavier and marches to its own beat with a unique feel like the Downbeat.

Hmmmm, OK perhaps I will revisit the 54 and mull that over.

Thanks for the other suggestions as well, I will check those out. I am still leaning heavily towards the Transcend for reasons I can’t quite articulate.

I have the transcend… it is very very nice. Very smooth and quite. Little to no bearing noise. $70 is a very good price for the transcend. It spins for a pretty long time and it’s a great yoyo. I would personally buy the transcend again. But, it’s your choice.

Yeah I will be picking it up the Transcend in the near future :slight_smile:

I have started to realize that while the expensive yo-yos can be really nice (and I myself do in fact have a couple), it isn’t really necessary to spend huge money to get an amazing throw. The Gradient and Downbeat have both been like that, and it appears the Transcend will also be that way based on what everyone is saying.

Thanks for the feedback!