OD 54 VS OD Cascade


im rather stuck between these 2 yoyos as of right now
so im wondering, which of these yoyos is more stable, plays more like
a Jensen/gentry/Petr kavka smooth flow?

leaning on the Cascade doto weight placement.

and which side effect would make the yoyo slightly hefty, yet smooth and floaty?

Going off of what you are looking for, the Cascade is your best bet. The problem with your question is that the the Cascade and the 54 are about as different as you can get in the one Drop line. Both are phenomenal.

I wouldn’t add much weight to the Cascade though. If you get one try it with brass Ultralights. that should give you the extra little push that you want.


Where can I find brass ultralights?
I can never seem to find them anywhere!
Pm me please?

Keep an eye on One Drop’s site.

Also try contacting David at One Drop. He is cool about customers asking questions like this and can give you a good idea when they are coming.