OD 54,CLYW bear vs man, or CLYW avalanch.

I want to know which one’s best. :slight_smile:

Have you compared size and shape to some of your current throws. I always recommend that you use the yoyoexpert info and just try to get an idea of the feel of the yoyo in you hand check every angle compare weight and size to your current throws. This I think will be one of the best sources of info you can get.

Oh and just my opinion Bear vs Man is what I want most. So definitely get an Avalanche. ;D Did you catch the subtlety there.

I own the 54 and have tried the avalanche. I think if your looking for speed get an avalanche. Or you could get some new side effects for the 54 to make it faster.
I personally like the avalanche better but you can’t just pop in some new side effects like the 54.

another thing is if you like smoothness def get the 54 super smooth with variable weights. 54 can play fast to. If you don’t care about smoothness and want ultimate unresponsiveness with tight binds and part speed: get the avalanche.

check out highspeedyoyo dot com. they have a review of all three.

just to let you know the side effects can be kind of rare. they only restock like every one & a half months.

hope i helped

Has anyone tried a bear vs man?

I’ve never thrown a 54 or Avalanche, but I have thrown a BvM. I got my BvM, and i thought it was awesome. Them after like 2 days, i noticed it wobbled a lot on every throw. It corrected itself but was still annoying. I put a center trac bearing in and now it is total awesomeness. You should totally get one, just by a center trac or KK to go along with it I think.

After owning the Avalanche and (shortly) playing with a BvM, I can say that I like the Avalanches awesome smoothness and pure speed. A BvM seems to spin longer and it feels GREAT in my hand.

It’s either 54 or Avalanche, 54 is SUPER smooth, and side effects is just a great advantage. Never really tried an Avalanche but I assume it is just as good or better. If it’s fast, you can buy the 54 some sideeffects.