Occupied yoyo expert


This thread is just for fun, but if any Demands/Request are done O’ yeah


  1. André makes a new freestyle throw video to enter 2012 it has been to long since his last video.


  1. Mr. Moss Makes a video of him doing sea sick.


  1. Jayyo makes a glow stick video


  1. everyone must say this tongue twister 3x A big black bug bit a big black bear, made the big black bear bleed blood


  1. Some else makes some demands!!!


I demand taxes be abolished, everyone here adds ( your state) state yoyoversity to your education on Facebook… Or something similar for those of you who are international, and any lawyers out there, try to find a loophole that puts cash into yoyoers pockets just for yoyoing…

(Edmeister) #3

I demand to get unbanned from yoyonation. Yes. :confused:


which Mr. Moss?

(DOGS) #5

First one wins


Who else Icthus but now with a construction paper style top hat and a red nose

Demand 1. buddhakeith must yoyo on top of a balance ball and do 5 eli hops with his eyes closed.


how about a soccer ball? I dont have a balance ball

edit: so i was trying it today with the soccer ball and I managed to get get 5 eli hops with my eyes closed, but I lost my balance and fell backwards off the ball, hurting my wrist. I wish I had it on video because I’m sure my face was priceless. My friends that were watching me were dying of laughter


I’m sorry to hear/ read about your wrist buddhakeith but to be honest I would not even dare use a soccer ball. that takes a pair of giant bronze balls on your part. Great job!!! ;D


haha it feels better, but yeah I realized after that it wasnt that great of an idea lol


I demad that people start doing Point Of View tutorials. I’m in a trick rut right now and need something fast and interesting to practice.


I demand a coffee and request it black

(WildCat23) #12

I demand that this thread be full of demands… ;D


I demand a rocket car…

And I request XminusmikeX makes the next demand


I demand that your demand not be answered.

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #15

I demand that my two sundia long bearing fly diabolos ,carbon sticks ,and string come in the mail.


I demand that you guys leave yocotti park right now!


I demand your demand be ignored!


I demand that yoyoexpert give free tacos to everyone on the forums.


Mail is unreliable in my area… I’d hate to see what type of deterioration would happen to my taco.

I also worry about “free taco with every order”. First, I’d be getting a taco darn near every month, but my bulk strings would smell spicy!(I order strings with every order regardless if I need them or not)


Top Hat Demand!!!