O.U.T. cheap thrills

I was wondering if the O.U.T. cheap thrills is a good beginner fixed axle. I have seen some of the Ed Haponik stuff and want to get into fixed axle. I have the extra 40 dollars, and that would cover the yoyo and some extra strings, so I just want to know if it is a good buy.


I recommend the legend wing
I love it

Cheap Thrills is great for stalls, kickflips, and loops. It’s not great for shoot the moon style tricks because the walls are very high and there is not as much weight out to the rims. It’s very doable, but your execution has to be more precise than with butterfly shapes.

I prefer the OUT Just for Fun myself because I do a ton of shoot the moon style tricks. Kickflips don’t do much for me and occasional loops are still fine on any wood yoyo in my opinion.

I’m sure Cheap Thrills would be a fine buy but Just for Fun is definitely my vote. I like the TMBR Baldwin a little more but it is very expensive.

I agree with Dturtle about the Legend Wing. Love it, and can’t put it down! At $10, you could just add it to your order of an O.U.T…