o-ring or silicone

Okay i’ve been playing with my sunset for a while now and i’m kind of annoyed with the response system
I was thinking about siliconeing it but idk if thats a good idea.
The good things that i predict is i dont have to adjusts the gap
but idk if it shot back up or come up if i tug it.

So which do you prefer:O-ring or silicone on a sunset
Is it smart to do or up to my preference.
If you tried it tell me your opinion on it ^^

Thank you

sunset is for loop and o-ring is better than silicone for looping

or u play 1A with sunset -.-"

I use one o ring and one side siliconed

i agree with danielgb

can i have a thank you??? me and him???

not if you ask :stuck_out_tongue:


In spite of the fact that silicone is often used in unresponsive yoyoing, silicone doesn’t equal unresponsive. Looping with silicone works well. I personally LOVE it in my Sunsets. Can’t stand o-rings in those things.

That’s not how you get thank you’s. You were just agreeing with him and he was saying what he thinks, why do you need thank you’s? Also, you don’t always get them.

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He’s talking about peru54.

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