Peak+Oring? Paolo would know! Please Reply!

Hi all, I read a post a while back by Paolo saying that if you put o-rings from yyj yoyos in a peak it would make great response. Well i was thinking of doing this to my peak, and i looked and the o rings wont fill the whole response gap! would they still stay in? im afraid to rip out my silicone because i want to make sure this works! Please reply if you know (paolo!)

may i see this thread? wrong section btw, bottom left corner, move topic.

I’ve tried it. You have to push them in there really hard, and it’s not completely flush, but it works. It’s nothing to rip out your sili for, but it’s cool if you don’t really want to apply any and it’s quick too.

I use it when I’m too lazy to silicone. Plays just as good as silicone to me, and if you’re ever on a trip and din’t bring silicone, its a great temporary response. It doesn’t really matter that it doesn’t fill in the whole response gap. However, as Samad said, if you already have silicone in your Peak, just keep that and wait until it wears out if yout to try it.

If you’re talking about the thread I made:

My silicone was wore out, nd i just felt too lazy to put new silicone in. I did rip out my peaks silicone (rtv stuff from previous owner REALLY hard to get out haha) and i tried the o rings but they wouldnt stay in too well :frowning: oh well, i just siliconed it!