not knowing its Responsive = PAIN


so ya i was messing around with my atmosphere today after i cleaned and lubed the bearing and BOOM shoot straight to my face after a hard throw. So i was like ummm WTF, throw another sleeper jerk my hand and sure enough the string grabs and the yoyo comes back just like responsive play. I know its probably because i used a little to much lube not to mention it was gun oil and not think lube. But i was wondering if something like that has ever happened to anyone else where you don’t think your yoyo is responsive and smack your self in the face


Umm… Break it in. :slight_smile:


lol in working on that right now, my roommates are laughing at me saying “omg its a real yoyo now”


Yeah it’s happened. You can smooth your play out now that it is responsive.

(Hardcore_Max) #5

ahhh yes the old to much lube incident, very familar with this one yeah just play it out and like apetrunk said it can help you to smooth out your style.

just look out for the suprise knot they are lethal.


Ya I got a nice bruised palm from a knot when I was learning how to bind last week lol