Not enough spin time


Lately I have been noticing That I don’t get enough spin time When doing 3a. The weird problem is that the problem is on my Dominant hand (Right). My left hand doesn’t spin out on me in the middle of the trick. Something that might influence this is the fact I move the yoyo on my right hand faster.
I’ve been noticing that I don’t get long 3 minute spins on my metal yoyos and instead I get 1 minute spins.

So I ask How I can fix these Problems?


I do 3a and get the same problem. It’s all about the feel of the yo-yo. You have to have the feel of your left hand. Try doing some basic tricks with your left hand,it might help to get the feel. :wink:

(Brandon1) #3

Work on your throw; I’d say about 95% of all bad spin time issues are because of in inadequate throws. True, the yoyo construction/build does play a role, but to be honest, your throw makes way more of a difference than any yoyo does.