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So I don’t own or run any company’s but I am posting here because I would like to see a yo-yo made. I think I am speaking for the yo-yo community but I’m not sure. To any company’s or designers reading this post, I would love to see a bearing yo-yo designed for string tricks with a light on the outside, made to turn on or active when the yo-yo is thrown into a spin. I have wanted one of these for a while and it would be great to see one made, I know duncan came out with a light up yo-yo called “the pulse” but this isn’t exactly what I was looking for. My Idea was to take the concept of the light up and put it into a butterfly shaped yo-yo not an imperial shaped, basically I would like to see a light up yo-yo made for string tricks instead of looping, But maybe I am asking too much or maybe it’s already made and I just haven’t found it yet, if so please feel free to link to and delete this post, either way, thanks for reading this. -20q

Well you can simple put a Shinwoo light kit into whatever string trick yoyo you want and it would make it light up

yeah I guess but where would I find one of those and I would rather just have one designed for it, how cool would it be if you could do string tricks with something like the pulse, I for starters would love it, and anyone competing or showing off at night would have a much better time.

Ixion wheel alpha

FHZ light up is a thing

Landon Balk has a yoyo just like this. I think it was suppose to go back into production but I’m not quite sure if it will. It was in his word the best light up yoyo ever made(I wouldn’t doubt it) and I think it was acrylic so the lights looked sweet on it.

Go to it’s on the home page.

“…Features the same technology as seen in the Duncan Pulse…”

Alright so that question was answered but now what about a waterproof yoyo? One that when it gets wet nothing happens to it, so you can throw in the water or rain or you don’t have to worry about getting it wet. Once again if there is already one made please link me, thanks everyone.

I don’t think physics will let you yoyo underwater lol and you can yoyo in the rain (just yoyoed in the shower for proof). All yoyos are waterproof but with the dynamics of a spinning apparatus getting hit constantly with anything even a gas if strong enough will slow the rotations down.

Your bearing can rust if not dried after it gets wet, but aside from that a yoyo will be fine if it gets wet

The only thing you need to do to play a Jo in the rain is spray the bearing with spray on silicone. Trust me it works wonders. While it makes your bearing responsive to begin with, after it breaks in it runs the same, is dead silent and is water proof.

Disclaimer Don’t do this if you arnt willing to take a risk. I’ve only tried it with a few bearings and it worked great but don’t want to be held responsible for your broken bearings.

hmm that sounds cool, maybe I’ll try a new plastic one that I have. So spray the bearing? or should I just dry it off after? Cause basically yoyoing in the shower sounds pretty awesome and relaxing haha

fun for the first few seconds then the string gets soggy and rxtremely hard to play with

What if it was a plastic string that was coated or something, do you think that would work better?

yoyos are waterproof… get them wet, it won’t matter…

string will get wet, not a big deal.

Your bearing is made of stainless steel… as such it is resistant to rust. If it becomes a problem, clean it… problem solved.


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Yup to what other people have already said. I would imagine that over time, too much exposure to moisture would be more likely to cause the adhesive for your response system to fail than anything. Just speculating, mind you.

But even then, it wouldn’t be after a session or two. If it happened, you’d just replace. Response is cheap. :smiley:

o rings will fix that

They need to make this. A yoyo with the specs of the chief, but with the weight of the bvm 2. The IRG would be similar to the chief’s, but a bit more in diameter, and most of the weight would be distributed in the middle, for a floaty feel. The outer rim of the yoyo would not be bulging outward, like most yoyos do, but instead have one flat area that konkaves outward. The face of the yoyo on the sides would be flat, and the bearing seat: size C. Yes, it would have silicone pads, preferably similar to CLYW’s snow tire response.

The name?

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