northstar + wooly marmot

i heard that clyw started the wooly first and slapped on Jensens name afterwards(but it was taken off YYE). They went out to design a smallerish peak. I own the wooly and the northstar AND the wooly markmot so I am not trolling. I love the wooly. The Wooly and the North* couldn’t be any more different (which is why I am confused). One is oversized and H shaped/heavy/plastic and one is undersized rounded and light/metal. I know its different companies but YYF has all different sized and shapes. I know he could have done just as well with any yoyo at worlds but do you guys think that he had help designing the wooly? It was released Alex didn’t help with the design of the Sasquatch. Comments concerns all welcome. As many have said on this website: the yoyo doesn’t make the player. I AGREE. So no need for that. I still don’t think he could have won with a Duncan Butterfly though. Do you think he had help in designing the wooly?

It think that the yoyo company has more say in the design of a yoyo than the player. Take a look at the Phenom. I highly doubt it was Mickey’s idea to use the centralized, fitted, weight ring. It’s on the Phenom, Phenomizm, SPX, Equinox, and ReXtreme. To me it seems that this was an idea that YYJ was intending on using with or without him. Same with the Solid Spin Axle thingy. It first appeared on the Revolution, but I don’t think it was Grant’s idea.

But obviously, I don’t have a signature yoyo so I’m just speculating.

While the yoyo doesn’t make the player, yes, I would agree that Jensen wouldn’t do his routine (well) with just any yoyo. But I would think that Jensen (or anyone else for that matter) could do whatever the heck trick he wanted with any $50+ yoyo. There’s nothing I can do on my Phenom that I can’t do on my Protostar, Yuuksta, or Supra.

I agree with everything you said. I just feel it’s a little weird when they first have it said on websites that they had to do with the design: Jensen and Alex, then delete it from the shop. Is it because of the forum and posts like this? Is it like the people that told me? It seems it’s just marketing.

That’s where you get into the difference between “what” and “how”. Generally, players getting a signature yo-yo won’t have the design expereince to do the full design themselves so they will be spicifying the “what” and the manufacturer will be dealing with the “how”. They can specify characteristics such as weight, size, gap, general shape, basic weight distrobution (rim/mid/etc), more qualitative descriptions (fast/heavy/stable/quick/etc), comparisons to existing yo-yos (same shape as x/a cross between y and z), and other ways of expressing what they want the yo-yo to play like. The manufacturer is generally more capable of coming up with the design elements to make the players request into a yo-yo such as the Phenomizm having the mid-rim.