What's CLYW new yoyo going to be called?

Does anybody know? i heard somewhere that it was going to be the Wolly Mamoth, but i’m not too sure. :-\

Yes - Jensen Kimmitt’s signature yoyo is supposed to be called the Wooly Marmot. Here is a pic:
Is is still in its first proto version, so I’m not sure if its supposed to be released anytime soon.

Also, there is supposed to be another yoyo for Sebastian Brock coming soon, called the Bassalope. It utilizes a pad bearing yoyo with a small bearing.

Both are scheduled to release this summer.

Hopefully with a fresh shipment of Peaks. :wink:

It should be called YOU WILL BE LUCKEY TO GET ONE or for short YWBLTGO JK I would still like to try one.

Ha ha thats true, they always seem to run out fast!