northstar - Kimmitt version vs non-Kimmitt

Just curious - does anyone know if there are any differences (changes) between the Northstar with Kimmitt’s name on it vs the newer one without? (Besides his name not being on it)

Well it doesn’t have his name on it.


Has this new non kimmitt version released yet?

I didn’t know there was another version Northstar. ;D

But I don’t think there are any differences. :wink:


Just wanted to I’ve thanks to the pointless posters - duh, it doesn’t have his name - I even anticipated such a response by saying that in my OP - and yet you still went there…

I assume they have been released - another site has put the originals on clearance, and another has pics w/o the name on it… maybe it’s just anticipation?

I wouldn’t think there would be a change - but since they changed the ONE this year, I wasn’t sure if they took the opportunity to tweak the Northstar since Kimmitt isn’t with YYF anymore… maybe a different plastic or something…

No problem bro. :wink:

It’s just the same yoyo with a different logo. There are no differences. The only difference would be that the first run that had the signature on it didn’t have the mold marks, and were prone to cracking. Every other run, signature or not have the marks.


When you say cracking - is that the older ones that do that?

Yes, they fixed it now, as previously mentioned. Here’s a cracked Northstar (Pic borrowed from someone on a different forum).

Why DID they take his name off?
I mean, it was fine as it is, and plus, it was the cheap alternative to get a Jensen Kimmitt signature series, you know, for bragging rights. JK
But, seriously, I can’t afford a Chief or a Canvas.

Because Jensen left YoYoFactory.

^Yeah. I’m sure Jensen, and YYF doesn’t want a remade modern model to have the name of a player that left the team a while ago.

Ouch… that’s ugly…

It should be noted that the cracking hasn’t been a problem since late 2010. It was a problem with the moldings that they used before the 2010 worlds, the weight rings created way to much pressure for the plastic to sustain, thus causing the cracking.

Wait, guys, wait.

Did we mention it doesn’t have his name on it?

Which begs the question - are all Kimmitt NS’s ‘faulty’? Because in my search - the non-Kimmitt’s have actually been in production for a while (here I thought it was a recent change) - they have been stamped 3/10/2011

If Im not mistaken there were 2 runs of northstars with Jensen Kimmitts name on it. The first had the problems. The rest of the Northstars since the first run have been on a different mold which fixed the problem

I wonder if they would have different date stamps on them - the first (faulty) run vs second run - with Kimmitt’s name on it… maybe if anyone who happens to still have a cracked one could post the date on it…

Again, this started (for me) when I thought about picking up some on clearance… I was thinking about one for my son, and now with the cracking issue (until now, didn’t know this was an issue - thanks to those who actually contributed to the post) - I might be more cautious, he has been know to hit walls, floors, ceilings and his sisters (accidentally of course)