NorthStar Help!


Yesterday i got a knot in the gap, so i untwisted it. It didn’t come apart, so i pulled it apart and found out that the spacer was stuck to the bearing. I tried to get it apart from the bearing using the push pin method but that didn’t work. Any recommendations to get the spacer out? Please! anything will help.

(SR) #2

Why do you need the spacer out?


Well say u get a knot in it, u have to unscrew it then pull it apart… This process makes me nervous so i just want to get it out of the way. And it may affect play later on in the future. Any suggestions?

(SR) #4

I don’t really understand what you’re saying. Let me guess…

  1. Spacers attached to the bearing do not affect play.
  2. Unscrewing the yoyo won’t affect play, and it’s normal to unscrew it when you have a knot or something. There’s nothing wrong with unscrewing it lol.


Hey this is the person that started this thread but i was using my bros account… when I unscrew it it doesn’t come apart like any of my other yoyos. So i have to pull it apart, actually pull.