Northstar Bearing and arrows.

Hey guys i just bough my new northstar from here and yoyoexpert, and i have some questions about the way this yoyo is made.

I understand the arrows are meant to prevent overtightening but they seem to be placed in the wrong spots on the yoyo because they dont line up correctly. When i line up the arrows it is not completely tight. So i tightened it past the arrows and it plays fine. (is this normal?)

Also the center track bearing is pretty awesome and i’d like to try it on some of my other yoyos but its stuck in there pretty good i understand that there is a bearing removal tool but is there any way that i can get it out without that thing ? are pliers safe for this purpose.

And is it best to deshield and clean the bearing because it is a little vibey it is not affecting play too much but its annoying.

The arrows line up in a position where it is adequately tight enough AND has the last vibe. That’s what the arrows mark. Also, it does prevent over-tightening.

Yes, the Centertrac is cool, and yes it can be hard to remove, but then there are the spacers, which honestly are a pain in the butt to remove. My kid’s protostar bearing got clogged with hair. Ugh, that was a battle. If you use pliers t remove it, be extra careful, OK? You’ll want to us a pin, tack or small screw drivers to remove the spacers off the bearing.

As far as de-shielding: well, opinions are mixed, but I like to have the shields on my bearings and that’s my choice. With this yoyo using spacers, I recommend the shields stay in just for a tiny bit of extra protection. If this yoyo didn’t need spaces, I’d say make your own choice regarding shields on or off.

My Northstar is smooth(as is my Protostar and Starbrite). Line up the arrows and you should be good.

Thanks for the help

Around and around the arrows go where they stop no one knows. When they do you’re not done, one more time just for fun! Feel the pop, hear your scream then you realize it’s not a dream. Now you know yoyos should be absolutely arrow free!

I have to say I don’t really care for the arrows. I wish yyf would be a bit more creative. How about stars on the star line. When you line the stars up you get a constellation like the big dipper or something more creative? How about a cool design that encompasses the yo when the correct alignment is achieved?

You know I’m right! ;D

yah arrows suck