Northstar Bearing Problem!!Please Help!!


So I got my northstar for 2 days now and i used it for 5a. I am a bigginer at 5a and i dropped the yoyo for a bunch of times. Now the bearing spins for a really short time and felt like a rusty bearing, any help??? thanks


Open it up and give us an update.


One way to prevent this, if you aren’t already, practice 5a over carpet or over grass. But for now open it up and tell us about the bearing

(Aaron~) #4

I bet your bearing is locking up


I have encountered this problem multiple times if it is what I think it is. I call it sticky bearing. It makes a terrible grinding sound and I was worried i would have to buy a new bearing, however I didn’t have the will to buy a new one. Maybe surprisingly it fixed itself, but it took a while. I still don’t know why it happens, but I think it has to do with a ring in the bearing off center. (One of the times I encountered this, it was in hubstacks. It would burn from the friction when I would grab it.). I am sorry but that is pretty much all I can tell you, except that when I tried to fix I broke the bearing just about beyond repair.

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