Have you ruined a bearing ?

Today I was screwing around with the bearing of my dragonfly and the ball bearings scattered all over the floor! >:( So, have YOU ruined a bearing?

Kinda when trying to take the bearing out of my Hectic SB I chipped the bearing but it still plays great!

PS You could fix it by using some sand paper just get some fine grit and it should be as good as new.

well I never ruined my bearing but some of my bearing needs to be cleaned.

I go through bearings like life savers. I swear they hate me or something.

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i was playing with that yoyo last month too and the same thing happen! thats why i got a northstar now :stuck_out_tongue:

I used pliers to take my bearing of a hectic and gripped it a little to tight so now the bearing doesn’t spin.

I was trying to get a bearing out of a yoyo once and I crushed it with pliers.

I’ve crushed one or two bearings with pliers accidentally, but not really anymore besides those.

well kind of my yuuksta bearing was mess up when I got it so I dont know if I did or didnt >:(