Northstar: A begginer's first unresposive throw.

Yoyoing has always been something of a fantasy for me to do, and after hitting my first trapeze, I can say I’m addicted. After buying a defective velocity (got it from a sports store, had no idea it was defective until I went to buy a northstar online) and playing with it until I could hit a bind fairly well, I decided it was time to get my self an unresponsive yoyo. That’s where this baby comes in!

Upon arrival, I opened the box carefully and took the yoyo out, one thing I thought was really cool, was when you remove it from the cardboard box, the bearing spins. Anyway, I put the string on it and gave it a good throw. This yoyo didn’t feel so different on first throw, and I figured whatever, I guess maybe the new shape will be great. After trying to bind it 9 or 10 times, it finally returned to my hand.

After a week from playing, I started to feel it, I could feel why so many people love this yoyo, and it added me to the numbers. The yoyo flows smoothly, and you hit every string, knots aren’t as common, and the yoyo feels phenomenal in the hand. I hit tricks that I didn’t even think I would ever be able to do, and after a succession of Eli Hops, I was in love.

After a month, I can proudly say this yoyo is the best thing to ever happen to me. It’s control is mindblowing, and I cannot believe I was this lucky. I sadly have no idea what vertical or grinds are like on this baby.

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Awesome! Welcome to the addiction. I need to get a Northstar/Protostar/Shaqlerstar/Anystar some day.