I was afraid of this, and now my fears have come true…all the tricks I know are “meh” to me now and all the ones I dont know are flipping hard!! 2 hours on spirit bomb, no progress, 2 hours on superman, no progress, etc…etc…ahhhhh its so frustrating…I know it just takes more practice…i’m just feeling like I did when I first got this yoyo… the sense of “I’ll never get this”

Take a break, you need to refresh yourself.
remember, the harder it gets, the more rewarding it will become.

Keep it up my friend.

Spirit Bomb and Superman are difficult, but are both definitely worth the time and effort. I spent 3 days on Spirit Bomb (was crossing my arms backwards) and an entire week on Superman (it’s just plain HARD), but now they’re my go-to tricks.

Keep at it; you’ll get it eventually! :smiley:

Yoyoing has taught me a lot of things. One of them is to pick my battles.

I consider myself to be a good yoyo player, but I don’t know Superman, and I didn’t know Spirit Bomb until about 2.5 years after I started throwing. If you’re at this point where you have the basics down, and you’re learning harder stuff, its time to start picking battles.

Try Kamikaze, White Buddha, or And Whut. They’re still difficult tricks and will give you a good knocking, but you might find them easier. Its not important to learn the tricks themselves, its more important to get a feel for how these tricks put their sections together so you can make equally awesome tricks of your own creation.

Also look here: (Shameless plug).


Come back to the tricks another time. work on something else, eventually you will get it perfect. In reality, once you become a better thrower you probably won’t use spirit bomb in a combo beacuse most likely, you’ll have cooler tricks in your arsenal to use other than spirit bomb. When it comes to superman, that would be a better trick to use. The only thing i can tell you is that you should wait and come back to the trick after time. Sometimes difficult yoyo tricks come to you better if you take a break from it. :slight_smile:

I feel your pain bro.
I just got onto Master 2 weeks ago and all I can do is White Buddha, And Whut, and Plan D.
Although, I have been going back and learning all the old tricks I had trouble with. It’s very satisfying.
I suggest that you learn other tricks apart from the ones listed here on other sites. It’s fun, entertaining, and makes you an overall better yoyoer, which can help you in some of the masters.
I find that Plan D is VERY similar to Ladder Escape.

I know what you feel like brother. It’s like going nowhere. I think it’s called a plateau. Calm down, don’t fustrate, and Spirit bomb is one of those tricks where it’s impossible to get, and then you magically get it 1 time. And from there, you start to get the hand of it.

Just do somthing else, don’t slam you yoyo if you can’t do the trick (I always do), and just analyze.

No pressure bro, it’s all good.

Well I can say that I can do about half of ladder escape without error, most of the time I skip the part where you land it on the string near your throw hand before doing the slack part as thats where I always screw up and kill the yoyo…spirit bomb and superman aren’t the only ones i’m trying I was just giving examples but yeah I’m just bouncing around the net now seeing what else I can try to kill the frustration…you guys are all a big help as always