Noobish friend

I have a noobish friend that thinks it’s still a green triangle if you have to pop it out the back. I said that it’s a different kind of triangle but he’s very opionated…who’s right?

Its a green triangle as long as you see the triangle, doesn’t matter which way you pop out.


I hope that was not directed at Shisaki417. It is still a green triangle if you pop it out the back.

Green Triangles go out the front and back depending on which one it is.

Yeah your friend is right here. haha.

Your calling ME the noob? I’m sorry that I’m such a noob Mr. Opinionated. Why don’t you call Andre a noob? He pops out the GT from the back. How about Yuuki Spencer? Or John Ando?

I also hope.

EVERYTHING I know is a lie!!! Ahhhhh!

Yeah, sorry Milkman, everyone else is right. If you hop it out the back, it’s a green triangle. It you hop it out the front, it’s a green triangle. I’d go apologize to your friend :wink:

And don’t go around calling people a noob when you ask a question, “who’s right?” That’s like me asking a farmer, “I think meat is a fruit, but my friend thinks that it isn’t. Who’s right?” When he tells me that meat is not a fruit, I’d then call him a noob that doesn’t know anything about farming.

So if you ain’t sure, don’t judge the response… and don’t call people a noob anyway, because one day they’ll have something to teach you… and if you’re calling people names, then you still got alot to learn, buddy :wink:

The artist fromerly know as Xdohls is very very correct

A GT is a GT there is nothing muct to it; whether you pop from the back or front.

while we are on the topic of whats a GT and what isnt, I know a red triangle is one that can be dropped, but what’s a black triangle?

I think a black triangle is something that looks like a GT, but has an extra wrap on it? It’s like when you do the wrist mount GT by dropping a string. I think… not positive though.

A black GT is basically a GT crosshanded.

Since when did post count qualify you to be a noob or not? I’ve got maybe 3 posts on one drops forum and I’m no noob!

I was once confused on this bit, and someone set me straight, and I believe this is the proper explanation:

A Black Triangle was a method devised by the legendary player Black to enter into the cross-armed triangle, essentially being “Black’s Triangle”. That’s been used mistakenly (by myself and many other individuals) to mean any reverse green triangle, when it really only applies to that single motion.

And, in addition to what Casey said, I know a bunch of people with a load of posts (mostly on other forums) who are complete idiots. So post count doesn’t mean a darn thing :slight_smile: That’s why systems like Rep and Thank You are super cool.

Hey guys, the flaming of milkman can pretty well be stopped here.
His question has been answered and all noobishness has been resolved

There is no flaming. No one has done anything wrong. We were simply explaining things.

My post never said that he was a noob. I’m just trying to point out that no one is a noob becasue they have an amount of ____ or a certain number of ____. Sorry if you took that wrong. I removed it.