Easy Black Triangle

Like the trapeze & bro on your wrist if you do a one and a half mount on your wrist and drop it you’ll be in a black triangle!

Yeah I’ve done that before, but I never posted it ;D
Thnx for sharing with everybodby else!

Never even knew that was called a Black Triangle… I always just thought it was like a “reverse GT.”

Thanks for the tip ;D

Same thing, it is more commonly known as a reverse Green Triangle though,
Great Find Contagon!

Yeah, theres Green Triangles, Double Green Triangles, Black Triangles, and Red Triangles. I’ve seen Red Triangles within Green Triangles too.

i’ve done it… and posted about it. its a slick looking trick

whats the difference between green and red?

Green you have to hop out of it, Red you can just drop it without getting a knot. Easy way to get a red is to pull the string through your loop while on a trapeze.

Yes, but a smoother way to get into it is through a monorail.

It’s the same thing as Contagon stated but getting into it ina smoother way.

Ah ok thanks, and black is a crossed armed GT?

Yes, it is.

oh… i just called it a fake triangle

me2 ;D

so gt is a regular green triangle,red triangle is a gt but can be dropped without a knot, black triangle is just a crossed arm gt right?

and what is a double gt

(look at attachment)
to get into it, go into a wrist mont, grab the string farthest to the left and drop the loop around your wrist.