triangles triangles triangles!


Okay I was reading something the other day and I saw something called Red Triangles. Is there a difference between Green and Red and also Black Triangles?

(JonasK) #2

Green triangle is the “regular” triangle. You will end up in this triangle from the triangle slack and triangle laceration on this site. Some Green Triangles needs to be popped out on the outside, some on the inside.

Red Triangles are triangles that you can drop without getting a knot. Just try to drop one. There are lots of ways to get into this triangle, but none of the tutorials on this site cover that.

Black Triangles are also called Black Green Triangles or Crossed Arm Triangles. The last name says it all. It is a Green Triangle, just with crossed arms.

Addment: Just a short description for you there.


Oh ok thanks. Good job being the eXpert =)