Noob progressing?

(Colby Hans) #21

I could tell those where Madison rounders just by the logo. Nice idea taking a picture with your yoyo with it. I’m going to have to find the right yoyo to take a pick with my ellusionist deck.

(shubham) #22

Which Yoyo is that?


The black one is the Bliss, the white one is the Selene and the white with black hub is the O-ting.

(shubham) #24

Bliss looks great.


Boingy-boing, magic drop, and the gyroscopic flop :mask:
And finally I’m finished learning the first 50 tricks list on yotricks :joy: (not including the 2A ones)
(the skin on my left index finger hurt so much after practicing boingy-boing so much)

(ChrisFrancz) #26

The first 50! I truly admire that. Great job! This’ll sound silly but I am trying to figure out how to add rock the baby and mach 5 to my front combo. Rock the baby since every time someone at work sees me throw they mention rock the baby and I just want to add a few rocks between things but have it be fluid but it’s a little hard since almost everything I do starts or works off of split bottom mount. Mach 5 looks cool in between things but has to be done early-on when spin time is at its best.


I guess you can try going straight into a rock the baby from a split bottom mount by sticking your thumb together with your index on the non-throw hand and open the string up and bringing it to the bottom. :mask: And dismount into a front mount by rocking a full circle and let go of the string ?

(ChrisFrancz) #29

It may sound goofy but I just learned that and how to include two Mach 5s thoughout my front combo. Thanks for the tip!

(Tyler) #30

If you’ve only been going a few weeks that’s crazy. This is where I was at after probably a few months lol. And wouldn’t say im 100% on boing-e-boing. I can throw a few boings in as elements of a combo, but sustaining it seems to elude me.

(ChrisFrancz) #31

More than a few weeks. More than 3 years but only 3 months ago did I learn brain twister and the rest of what I have pretty slowly. Pop n fresh - eh, leaves me with knots but I want to add a few pops to my front combo!


Basic regen, The Matrix, and a new bind!
Haven’t learnt alot during the holidays, maining just brushing off old stuff :mask:


Currently stuck on the basic 1.5 mount redirect. :sweat_smile:


Wow, puts me to shame !
I’ve been throwing for just over a month and I’m still struggling with much simpler stuff.
Maybe I’m not putting enough time in, I try to do an hour a day on and off.
Although I have worn out the original string and had to put on a new one yesterday.


I should post my yoyo’s on my card collection… a few Daniel Madison decks, a few Ellusionist/Theory 11 decks as well as a few De’vo/Handlordz decks :slight_smile:

(Thomas Bellotti) #36

Wow, you’re doing great, dude! Must be a natural. Keep it up!


My first arm mount trick, Funny bone! (need to work on keeping my back still :joy:

(Jacob Waugh) #38

Nice! you are progressing very quickly!


Here is a much cleaner Funny bone.

(shubham) #41

well done.whats the name of the trick?

(ChrisFrancz) #42

Funny Bone