new yoyo video here is my new video. comments appreciated. hope you guys like it. enjoy.

great job on the video. i was very good. how long have you been yoyoing?

sweet!!! nice peak is it a fools gold? love all the iron whips and jade whips

I have beem yoyoing like 6-7 months. but I started loving it and geteting good at like 4monthes.

its fools gold. but it plays just as good as a normal peak.

I love your videos, reminds me of how i progressed in the art and fun of yoyoing



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Good vid, but no offense but I dont think you should be using a Peak with the skill level your at.

Nice job.

Why can’t he use a peak at “his skill level”…?

I agree. He is perfectly good enough to use those yoyos.

That was an amazing video. I didn’t like it until after about 50 seconds, then it became really awesome.

I agree… I think as long as you are serious about yoyoing and can bind your ready for a metal… Im not as good as him and have 3 :slight_smile:

And I agree with the second part too… I didn’t like the real close up… Nice whips

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thanks so much!!!

thanks for the comments guys!!!