My Team flowless video!!!!!! Trenton wong.

hi every1. i am trenton wong and I have been throwing for about 5 months now. I came across yoyoing from a friend in school and now i am hooked on it!!!
i am using a peak and it is my 2nd yoyo. my 1st was a freehand. i am so happy to be on a real yoyo team and i hope to start winning contest soon. thank you for looking!!!
btw, im getting a gnarwhal from my parents as a late b day present. so happy!

Leave any comment and advice for me too.


Peak can make anyone look good

I like it. its smooth

it is okay for 5 month, good job. just wondering but why do you alway wrap your string around your hand before doing a trick… ???

youve got a while to go before you start winning contests. no offence, or anything.

Do I spy a reponsive Peak? Anyway, if your woried about dinging your yoyo, just cut the string.

I think he is using a string thats too long for him.

My 2cents:
. shorten the string to your belly button
. practice basic stuff before doing other more advanced stuff, like breakaway, trapezes, 2-or-0
. practice
. practice a little more
. oh… and practice :wink:

yeah and one from me

. practice a lot if u want to win contest :wink:

I’m beginning to wonder if Team Flowless is a bunch of trolls cause I mean, the last two i’ve seen from them… Painful.

Alright give me your peak,but a legacy,and get some skill before you buy a peak.Im sorry but this video was well as zach said,painful.You want to be like everyone else and have great yoyos but im sorry,your not at the level to even own a dv888 or something like that yet let alone a peak that is going to waste by you having it.Im sorry but you need to practice,cut your string,THEN make a video

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^^^^Harsh but true
After learning a few tricks, I spend about two MONTHS smoothing them out and adding them to my combos.
Time = smoothness = good performance

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Here’s what you do.

Assuming you have all needed supplies, (like extra string, extra bearings, extra pads, and so forth)
I would suggest stop using your Peak, and practicing with your Freehand. When I was at your level I was using a Yomega Raider, and I am much more smooth today because of it. If you use your Freehand, you’ll learn a LOT more than if you used your Peak to learn tricks. I wouldn’t even start using your Peak until you can do a suicide or something from the Advanced or all the Intermediate section.

Trust me, you’ll be a better player in the long run if you learn to be smooth with responsives, then upgrade to a Protostar or a YYJ metal-rimmed plastic. (Or in your case, a Peak).

Guys if your going to just bash on him don’t post. He is new and we should be welcoming to him. How would you feel if you worked on a vid, signed up to a forum and show but then get bashed on by some people?

You should be giving him constructive critism. Or is the new thing to bash on people. YYE has certainly changed. I am still not sure for the better or for the worse.

As for Trenton… Nice job! But I feel you’d need to shorten your string and try smoothen out your tricks :wink: But keep up the good work.


Sorry it wasnt very good everyone. I made this video to just show some of my tricks and improvement as i go.
You guys cant stop me from using my peak!!! Its my favorite yoyo and i love using it. That may change once i get my gnarwall in the mail though!!! ;D

We arent trying to stop you from using it.We are just trying to tell you if you use your fh you will be most likely better but averall smoother becuase using a yoyo thats for people with your little experience.Your just trying to rush into it and thats not good,you shouldnt rush.Trust me you will regret it later when you learn good tricks but they look sloppy.I know im regreting it right now but im working hard to smooth out my tricks.Im sorry but you really shouldnt be using a peak but if you want to go ahead and do waterever you want.