2 months in.

I know it’s not that great, but I’m about 2 months into yoyoing and thought I’d put together a short video of my progress. Got my Dark Magic II approximately 2 weeks ago.

Nice. But you should have gotten someone to film you.

Yeah, I was messing with it while my girlfriend was in the shower. I’m making her download YouTube Capture today so any more videos posted will be better.

Hey man, nice progress. Keep up the good work and stay practicing and having fun!

Good job just keep it at your own pace. Also, a little tip: Film yourself sideways when you are doing front-style tricks :wink:

Good job! You are a lot better in two months than I was at two months. I could barely do brain twister and didn’t even know what a bind was until I had been yoyoing for well over a year.

Thanks for all the positive feedback! It spurs me forward in my quest to become a better yoyoer. I’m working on lengthening my combos and smoothing them out. And I just figured out Drop in the bucket to a green triangle the other day. Now if only I can perfect the green triangle dismount I’ll be golden.