Non Yo-yo Photography

Anybody else in here takes photographs as hobby and photographs not just yoyos?

Yep I do!!!

ill have to post some pictures sometime…

Finished the photoshoot yesterday, finished the post processing today. a couple pictures of my friend’s 335i

thats some pro stuff there

Thanks mate, I wouldn’t call it pro. I consider myself just a hobbyist. I haven’t earned a single cent from doing photography.

I guess you haven’t approached someone with your photography. Its really pro.
And I can give you a cent if you want. Lol.

Yes, besides yoyos, photography is another hobby that I like to do. So far I have done some local high school games last year. I’m not sure if I will do more football pictures this coming football season or not. I’m also a poster on the site. Currently I’m using manual focus lenses for my sports, but am considering upgrading my lens to the 50-140mm 2.8 that Fujifilm is selling.

beautiful picture… :stuck_out_tongue:

Come on guys, I know there are more photographers out there than just a couple of us!

Minnesota State Fair

Those are some great ones heero! Keep posting people! doesn’t have to be “good”, everyone’s welcome, even iPhone photos are accepted.

Adding some more while I was gone. I went ape on photos and not as much on yoyoing. I probably yoyo at least 5 mins a day and about 30 mins top altogether.

Dang Dave those are really good.
I’m lazy so my IG is @logantheobald if anyone wants to see my stuff haha.

Gorgeous. I’m just an amateur with a lot to learn… :stuck_out_tongue:

I post a lot of car stuff to my instagram @matt_3.8.

I know nothing about photography, but my friend took of pic of me at Joshua Tree this past weekend, and I thought it turned out pretty cool.

Remember that Phoenix sunset picture? Well, this is without the yoyo, same sunset.

These are some cool photos, i’ll have to post some tomorrow!