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I am a pretty avid photography hobbyist myself. Was wondering if anybody is also into it as much as I am. Here’s my portfolio, http://mplsstpdave.daportfolio.com/


how did you get those cute photos of tigers? lucky!!


the zoo!


oh… well that ruins the fun…

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hmm its time to post my hundreds of bird pictures


Saw this type of reply coming :smiley:

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this picture was in no way modified.


That’s good mate, if I could make anything better, it’d be shooting it when it is staring at you or has it’s face shown in the shot. Shooting the bird from behind just doesn’t pop. The best thing I like about this picture is the exposure, especially since it’s not edited in Photoshop or anything else.

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that hard part about birds is the constant movement its so hard to get their faces… ill post more later.


True with wild life in general, squirrels and other small mammals in particular.

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more pics with faces


2nd and 3rd are awesome, especially the 2nd.

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i can post these things all day… i have over three hundred pictures.

and yes the squirrel in number three is real.


awesome portfolio David! I’ve been shooting for a few years mostly staying in the canon family. I now shoot concert/band stuff and automotive work. I’m not sure about the rules for posting other sites as i’m new here but heres a few car/band photos haha. Shooting with a canon 5dmkii, few lenses and some ab’s for lighting. I also recently went on the road with a band to NY and Canada so there are some photos in there from.

Stars over Massachusetts

Local Band - Dezorah

Friends BMW

The Other Hobby

Shot of my brothers band- Sons of Texas (if you’re into southern rock like pantera/zztop/mudvayne type stuff check them out on youtube or facebook)

I’m always up for answering questions or helping anyone thats interested in getting started. I didn’t see a dedicated photo section so this could be cool here

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something about that bike picture speaks to me… good work though.


WOW! all great shots! I love the BMW one in particular.


Thanks man, I havent gone riding in a good while - used to do about 15 miles daily but after I moved back home from austin I kinda stopped as the area isn’t really as bike friendly haha. Went to a nature park area with my brother last october and rode along the paved path they had- good stuff


Lil Brothers (straight frame…he’s taller haha!)