Non throw hand finger (how do i make it smooth?)

How do i make it smooth so that the string will slide on it with no resistance? ???

When you get a new string of ANY kind, most likley, it is going to hurt your finger by just a trapeze. But after 1-2 hour(s) of hard core play, it should be prefect enough for any situation so that it is strong and smooth. But when you go up to 3 weeks of play, the string is ULTRA smooth but it will break very easily. I have a string that is 1/3 times thinner than a brand new string, and it is so smooth, it’s as smooth as a satined plastic yoyo. But there is this part of the string that is around 1 cm long, and it is 1/2 as thick as the worn out string. So the string is worn out and a part of of the string is half ripped.

So just play with it and just stand it. It hurts for me to put loop on my finger but now, it’s casual. So deal with it like everybody has to. Everybody.
You can put on some yoyo bandage on your finger but it won’t be easy to play with it on.

Humidity makes a big difference too (I live in Florida; it’s nearly impossible to yoyo outside sometimes). Also there is some technique to making it slide easier. I try to have the string slide against my farthest knuckle on my non-TH index, as opposed to the fleshier space between the knuckles.

I think since that part of your finger is firmer, the string digs in to your skin less, thus resulting in less total area of the string touching your skin, thus resulting in less friction.

What are you saying here? Your string gets smoother the more you play with it? Mine get frayed and ratty with grime and oil. Who plays with the same string for three weeks with “hardcore” play? Any string will fray and loose its bounce with that much play. …OK, maybe not Gen-Yo Kevlar. The more frayed the string - the more chance for the unexpected bind into the face. Or worse, a break that sends a 68 gram aluminum missile into some poor bystander’s face.

If you have a string that has worn down to half its original diameter - it will obviously break easily. This is not a good thing. I would suggest that is a safety/intelligence issue. When the string frays enough to threaten the integrity of one strand - the string is done. That is why they sell it in packs of 100. Strings are cheap - dental work is expensive.

The irritation on your throwing hand will subside as you throw more and your finger gets used to the new abrasion on it. My finger does not notice anymore - and no, I do not have a callouss there. Patience will be rewarded.

Hmm, let me simplify my post:

  1. Just let it be, you gotta stand it.
  2. And yes, YoyoGeezer, it does become more smooth with play. I use nomal 50/50 string.