non-centering bearings


recently I got a Kuntosh which comes with a non-centering bearing - it is the first one i have used. I noticed that some tricks, like a finger grind, don’t work (the yoyo winds itself and smashes my knuckles). Is this just a properly of a flat bearing, that I am more likely to accidentally have the yoyo bind itself? Any suggestions to mitigate this?

thanks for your thoughts

Might have a responsive bearing, or a pad that is sticking into the gap, the flat bearing itself won’t cause these issues.


No that is not the property of a flat bearing. It sounds like it just needs to be played and broke in. If you are impatient clean your bearing and lightly lube it. I can’t stress enough… lightly lube it :slight_smile: But the one drop ten ball plays better if you just stick with it and break it in. When it starts to get loud the break in period has started. Just play through it and you will have one of the best playing bearing around. Good luck and enjoy your new one drop :slight_smile:

The pads also need some play to break in. Once broken in, the stock OD setup is really sweet!

Does using the bearing dry for a while help to break in a bearing, or does it only wear it?

Ok, good to know

I find it helps to play them lubed for awhile for brake in. You can get galling from running them totally dry without break-in first.

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Recommend playing dry for break-in. If you use lube, the tiniest amount is enough.

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I fill them and play them till they are dry and unresponsive again, what would be the problem with too much lube?

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Great, that’s what I do.

Too much lube makes bearings responsive which is not what most want. Other than it’s fine if it’s your preference.

I know who Schnayke is and that he prefers unresponsive. He’s merely stating his break in method, not how he prefers to play.

All that lube with no shields!? That’s crazy talk! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

So by the time the bearing is dry, they are broke in properly? :slight_smile:

Yeah without shields it doesn’t take all that long. Produces a very reliable bearing.