Need Help!


Hello, I have been yoyoing off and on for the past few years. I kind of “rage quit” every time my yoyo becomes responsive.I have tried thin lube and everything but I’m just not sure whats wrong with it. The only thing I have recently thought it could be is that I’m tightening the yoyo to hard. This has happened to my Dark Magic 2, Phenomizm, and my DNA. Obviously I’m doing something wrong but I don’t know what.I don’t want to quit yoyoing, please help.

  1. Be patient and break it in if you’re gonna use lube
  2. Don’t use lube if you really want it unresponsive right away. Running it dry really doesn’t make a big difference other than noise sometimes. Bearings are so cheap that you shouldn’t really have to worry about their durability. You can still keep a dry bearing for years if you keep it clean and don’t mess with it.