A few month ago I got a ILYY noctu. It was doing great for a while, but then the bearing seemed dry, so I lubed it(with yyf lube.) . After this it never seems to wear in. I cleaned it and lubed it(taking the shields off)and it did the same thing. I thought something was wrong with the bearing it came with, so I bought a ilyy size Dif KK bearing. This bearing also did the same thing. (I used yyj lube with this one.) It also has a more than usuall vibe. When I spin the bearing, it vibrates and spins for a second or two. I’m not sure what to do. ???

It sounds like small pieces of silicone are flaking off and getting stuck in the bearing. How fresh is the response? Have you changed it since getting the yoyo? That would be my first try.

That could be it. I’ve had it for about three months haven’t changed the response. What fits it.

The Metric sized bearings seem to do that, just play with it for a while. The bearing vibrating with spinning on a pen cap is normal, bearings with the full cage do this.

Well, you have a couple options here. The easiest thing would be to just grab some flowable or red gasket maker silicone. Another store advertises CLYW sized pads as being able to fit ILYYs, but in my experience they tend to protrude a bit into the gap, so that would be pretty counterproductive.

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Monkey finger silicone?

Flowable, or pads.