No Yo-Yo is Better Than the Other

Perhaps. But stock YYJ bearings are great when well-broken in. Just ask Kim-Lan. Here is a video with a Kickside and a broken in YYJ bearing:

I didnt- but what if i did? i’d say it’s better- thats my opinion- not a fact

this is what EXPERTS can do,make a list,arranging yoyos in categories like size, response system,play level and all.
after making topics as per yoyo OWNED…in which members will be making reviews .videos…so that beginners see it and get there problems solved…coz in my beginning the problem i faced was preference…should i buy this one or that one…what i will be getting out of the pack …the thing is to make those facts available related to particular yoyo…before some one shop.


lol, i was just about to bump this because I wanted people to see ;D

Sorry Samad, I had no idea that your post had questions for them to answer as well. I deleted my topic. My apologies.

We are able to delete our own topics? How?


Nvm, I found it.

sorry i didn’t read it right for the first time lol must have read it at 1:00am like usual

I felt this deserved a bump, as I have seen over 5 of these kind of posts in the past 2 days.

  1. What size do you prefer?kinda like a DM size but a tiny bit smaller
  2. What shape do you prefer?butterfly
  3. What response do you prefer?recess silicone
  4. Do you like to mod/maintain it?a bit
  5. Does color matter?not really unless it is a gay color like pink
  6. How does your style relate to the yoyo?i play 1a most
  7. What is your price range?hmmmm nothing above $45
  8. What is your skill level? im not really sure but im in the advanced part 2 and expert 1 and 2

BUMP i’m getting mad!

Some yoyos are better than others, but not many. A $1.00 yomega yoyo is worse than I $1.00 HSpin. But I assume you are talking about yoyos in the same price range. Mostly no yoyo is better than the other.

Look at ed’s fav yoyo and what he wants. No Jive 3-in-1? Cheapest original yoyo is his favorite( and maybe his “better” yoyo) not a 200$ eight|8|eight?


Im so glad you posted this.

No matter what I do, the point of this thread isnt getting across. Its not gonna serve a purpose unless it was stickied, or bump’ed every few days.

I have to agree with that. The last couple of days we have had an extreme amount of “which is the best yoyo” posts. If this post was stickied, the makers of the named post would look and say “hmm, no yoyo is better than the other, then i won’t have to make that thread.” This thread needs to be stickied, the forum needs this thread to be stickied.

Yeah, but its not getting stickied. Perhaps André could make a post like this in more detail, then delete this one?

Second that samad

Uhm… [move][/move]↓↓↓

1.) Medium
2.) Round Butterfly. uhm like DM or 888 like that.!
3.) O-Ring, Starburst, (I Prefer Not To Change/Maintain . . . Cuz It Is So Tiresome.) =]
4.) huh? (As I Unbox Yo-Yo…That’s All._)
5.) huh? Dark Magic (Like Andre Boulay, Slight Thum Grinding…But Smooth Mounts) (Especially Wrist Mounts!)
6.) uhm? d(o______O)b → $ 0.00 → $200
7.) Intermediate ►►► Split The Atom.

You, uh, buy a lot of $1.00 hSpins? Where at? Just curious.