The New which yoyojam yo-yo is better

Sorry about the bad poll I made earlier :-[ :-\ :’(. I hope this one is better :slight_smile: ;D 8). It is made up of Andre Boulay’s signature series and JD’s signature series.

Umm…You didn’t need to make a new topic. You could’ve just edited the other one.

Sorry I’m new to YYE.

And I guess you’re new to forums too, but it’s okay. Just know that it’s possible to edit/modify your posts by clicking Modify in the top-right corner of your post.

And I voted Other in your poll, because it’s based on what you like and your personal preference. So, there is no “better” yo-yo. But there will be ones people like more than others, but it doesn’t mean it’s better.

i beg to differ a Dark magic or Hit man is better than a Duncan mosquito.

True. But really, its personal preference

Answer these questions

What size do you like? (like, large yoyos, or smaller)
What weight do you like? (Like, hevy, light, oe you can give an exact weight)
What kind of metal rims would you like? (DM=Flat HM= Round 'Vict= Pointy)

That is not true. It is your personal preference to not have a really light yo-yo. It is also your preference to have a longer sleeping yo-yo.

There is no speeder that is bush league!!!

No, yoyo is better than another. I do have to agree with Robert though, A Dark Magic or Hitman is better than a Mosquito. :stuck_out_tongue:

I need to go with Kim-Lan, its personal preference. If you like light yoyos, minimal spin time, all-plastic, then the Mosquio is better for you then the DM or HM. Sure more people like the M or HM, but just because you tried a yoyo, doesnt mean that you are universal in all yoyoers choices