No Yellow XL Kitty String?


Let’s get some good vital stats taken proper care of. The age of are you currently presently where are you currently presently from?

I’m 17 and i’m from Ocean Beach, California.

And you’re a Pig man?

Yeah, Pig wood, Pig wheels and 88 footwear.

Tell me somewhat hit in regards to the Ocean Beach best complete skateboard. Have you ever skate before they built it?

No, I didn’t.

Describe the park to someone who’s never already been through it.

It is not smooth.

Why’s it so rough?

They confused the concrete wrong plus it just sucks now.

Has riding this kind of slow, rough skatepark provided an advantage on normal terrain?

Yeah, I guess, since i have have visit each day.

Relocate that you’re flying inside a normal skatepark?

Yeah, virtually. It feels far better.

Who’s the baddest dude however doctor skatepark?

What can you mean with this?

Who’s the ripper? Who’s the person everybody can’t stop talking about as they rips the region so hard?

Used to do formerly idolize Peter Hewitt when I’d visit, once i was little. If the first opened up up, Pete can come inside and possess the smoothest style and carry out the finest airs.

Appears like he’s the baddest dude.


Maturing in Primary doctor, I’m surprised you didn’t be a serious longboarder.

By the way. Grow out my dreads.

What’s your opinion on extreme longboarding?

I don’t get it. If you’re gonna skate as being a normal skater, why not take action around the short board?

What about soul skating?

I am unsure anything relating to this.

Has shit ever hit the fan at this park?

Not always.

Perhaps you have seen a medicine deal come down there?

Have I ever not seen a medicine deal come down there?

Would you meet chicks lower round the strand when you’re pleading for spare change?

No. Never.

Did you have to jump off a barn to acquire on Natural Koncepts?

No, I did not. That sounds fun, though. I’d have.

What made you select Natural Koncepts wasn’t to suit your needs?

Well, Pig reaches Hillcrest to make sure that helps a good deal. They were nice when 1 quit. They understood completely.

Yeah, they’re nice guys. I realize inside the a year ago you’ve grown hair out and kind of have a very rock look going. Are you currently presently fed up with people asking if you’re Tony Trujillo?

I really don’t get it much.

You’ll find worse visitors to be in comparison with.

Yeah. I love the means by that they skates. He’s got a great Style.

Have you ever skate tranny before street?

Yeah. I’d a little-ramp inside my backyard.

Is it possible to do McTwists?

No. Not necessarily.


You saw my work for balance handplants round the King in the Journey!

Speaking about KOTR, maybe you have catch any shit from your lady inside the hijinx in Louisville?

Nah. She got mad for just about any little, but she got in regards to this.

I hear you’re a pc nard.

Yeah, I sit using the pc all day long lengthy.

You aren’t doing any kind of that shit just like Free Free War Games are you currently presently?

Nah, I don’t play games. I’m learning Illustrator but it’s hard.

So you’re a gnarly slash dog who likes to compute within the spare time?

Yeah, I guess. I make plenty of stencils in Illustrator then cut them out.

Are you currently presently an authentic hesh or perhaps way hesh?

I am unsure.

OK. I’ll supply you with a test. Would you ride your BMX bike with no seat for the 7-11?

Essentially stood a dirt bike, and that i required to visit 7-11, certainly.

Will you have a comb or possibly a brush within your back pocket at the moment?


Is the own music in cassette form?


Well, I’m afraid you aren’t a real real hessian.

Well, I’m no Navarrette!

Can you lower your own hair?


Now when was the ultimate time you chop it?

About six several days ago.

Are you currently presently ever gonna work?

Yeah, not short, but I’ll work.

This is actually the wrong answer. You are made to say, “I ain’t never gonna cut my hair!”

OK. I ain’t never gonna cut my hair, damnit!

Are bandannas afterwards for skating with extended hair to suit your needs?

Never! How dare i hear you ask this sort of insulting question.

When we’re around the topic of bandannas, I heard a rumor Jamie Thomas referred to as you to definitely certainly ride for Fallen footwear what went lower with this particular?

I ride for 88, duh!

Perhaps you have required to fight for rock ‘n’ roll?

No. I only have my earphones on therefore i don’t worry about it.

Who’s your top three?

Bands? Slayer, Maiden, and I’ve been hearing chick bands lately.

Chick bands? Like Tori Amos?

Nah. Bands with chicks inside them. Like Sahara Hotnights.

OK … Somewhat dancey, somewhat new?


You need to fake school?

Yeah, I’m beginning fake school.

Why? best complete skateboard to buy

Therefore I won’t are afflicted by people.


We have XL in 10 packs, but 100 counts are sold out right now.


Yeah I held off an order recently waiting on its restock.


We should be getting a restock in the next week or two.