No secret Santa 2017?

No Yoyo Santa Claus this year?

Not on this Forum.

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Pretty late to try to organize one now.

Who wants the throws I planned on giving away?

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^If there is any damage or vibe you could send them to the land of misfit toys ;D

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I️ think r/throwers had one…


if ur not joking send me ur address

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I’d be down for some surprise throws.

Hey Panda Monium, PM me your address and I’ll send you something :wink:

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WoodRat, send me YOUR address. I have something for you. ;D


Headed to the post office. Now somebody send MikeEff something!


Hit me with your addy. I’ll see what I’ve got laying around

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I think he’s talking to you, MikeEff. Now someone needs to tag Q :wink:

We’re not happy until you’re not happy! *<B{Q>

I asked Joey about it on Instagram and he mentioned he would start it a couple days after Thanksgiving (which was already almost a week or two past the usual start date). I was planning on organizing it myself around Thanksgiving but he said he was. Sent him a message a couple days ago asking about it and haven’t gotten a reply.

We could always start one in January (Shipping right now might cause issues) if people are interested in doing it still. I have no problem organizing the addresses and getting pairs together. I know I missed it this year.

I get home from a short vacation and this sweet nickel endeavor is waiting for me. Thanks Woodrat!

Swap the endeavor bearing to a string centering/concave/ center trac bearing for a major performance increase, it makes it amazing in my opinion! I’m normally all about flat bearings, but this is my exception.

Also, play around with different strings in the endeavor to find your sweet spot.

Awesome gift woodrat!

Cool! The endeavour is a great yoyo, one of my favourites

I think u could put a centering bearing in it and it would technically perform better but I don’t think that’s the point of the endeavor

Using wet wipes isn’t necessary, but you know, it helps, lol