no response system

Does a yoyo work even if it doesn´t have a response system like the fiesta offstring yoyo? Or do you have to put on response pads?

You need response systems if you want the yoyo to come back to you

Some ball bearing yoyos have no responce system. Just a narrow gap.

You dont have a narrow gap in offstring yoyo (i assume)

The Fiesta has a tight gap, which acts as the ‘response’ for the yoyo.

I made a wooden yoyo last summer. The only response it had was a tiny gap. The larger the gap the better the response needed.

to clear things up, if it was designed to have response, you will probably need it, if it wasn’t then you probably won’t. :wink:

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The YoYoJam ReXtreme uses a C size bearing and has a 3.1mm gap. Kinda wide.

and the rextreme has silicone pad response

I could play my Gnarwhal fine without silicone. I even went 2 weeks without it. Silicone DOES make it easier tho…

if a bearing has thick lube, it can come back up without any kind of response. I played my 888 without response for a couple of days until I cleaned the bearing and siliconed it.
And (that I know of) the aquarius doesn’t have any real response other than a thin gap and a responsive bearing.

Response systems are for the response of the yoyo while sleeping. If there isn’t any type of response, it will most likely come out like skipping a rock. This is because the string has nothing to grip to, therefore, almost impossible to bind or throw.

If the gap is tight enough, the string can grab onto the sides of the yoyo directly, even without a response system.

Having a tight gap is a type of response system.

Exactly. That’s why, to make it easier, Startburst response is there.

in the old days they used tight gaps. the end