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\ok, so for fun let’s have a little contest…but it’s not as easy as it looks.

Pictured here is a No Jive Purgatory 2, created by David Hall and Oke Rosgana. The yo-yo commemorates one of Dave’s favorite places on earth - Purgatory, Colorado (near Durango).

At the bottom of the yo-yo there are 5 small designs laser engraved, added by Oke and Dave to fill out the design and make it more symmetrical. 2 of the designs are repeated left and right, so there are 3 unique graphics there. In the most detail possible, what are the three graphics? We’re looking for the most specific answer - first to post the 3 correct answers wins a Purgatory 2, winners choice from the 4 designs. Check out to see them all.

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Seems to be a pair of snowflakes, a pair of Aquilegia saximontanas, and a mountain motif - I’d guess Maroon Bells. Quite the Coloradian yoyo haha.

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #3

Well the mountain at the bottom is relevant to the snowy mountains Purgatory is made around. There’s also the snowflake and flowers on each side.


A star fish with a flower in side on each side,a bunch of arrows are pointed towards and away from each other to make a snowflake on each side and a large snow topped mountain on the bottom


Well starting from the bottom there is a mountain design with 2 peaks (higher on the right)

Moving up is a pair of 5 pointed stars, inside of each one is a 5 pedaled flower

The 3 and final design is a set of snowflakes
The snowflakes have 12 points in total (6 long and 6 short)

For sure a cool looking yoyo!


12 branch star snowflake (x2)
Aquilegia Saximontanas (x2)
Mountain, based on the name I’d guess it’s the Durango Mountain Resort (formerly known as Purgatory) mountain in the San Juan Mountains.

(rizkiyoist) #7

Snowflakes that is basically the little version of the whole logo, twin sisters peak in Colorado, and Aquilegia (columbine) flower. Pictures the snowy mountain condition in Colorado… with flowers!


I can’t really improve on a snowflakes and Aquilegia saximontanas (Colorado state flower), but I’m going to guess that’s Uncompahgre Peak.


ok no-one has quite got it yet, some are VERY close. Here’s a picture that may help -


Aquilegia saximontanas pair,Purgatory Snowflake pair, and a snow topped mount Purgatory


Edit: nope never mind. Presumably snow flakes, a columbine flower (native Colorado flower) and a snow capped Colorado mountain

(Owen) #12

Looks like a Appalachian turkey biscuit to me. All three of the graphics do actually. Maybe I should put my glasses on.

(velez_adrian) #13

A mountain in the US. With snow ontop because it’s cold up there. Stars with a weird design. It looks pretty cool. Then the snowflakes falling down on the mountain making in cold up there.


Snow flakes , columbine, engineer mountain.

How appropriate. Lol


Snow flakes, Aquilegia saximontanas, and Engineer Mountain?


Winner! I’ll be in touch


Oh that’s pretty awesome. The picture helped. I’ve actually been there before though. Used to live in Colorado springs when In was younger.


I just noticed this. Nice contest, congrat’s to the winner.


I didn’t happen to see this thread until now… I use to vacation in that area most winters, very cool.


i still cat even see that freakin sail boat… ??? broken brain